Official Release May 29, 2010

Welcome to Red Ferret Press, where the cool mofo's of erotic literature hang out. We're not your general supermarket romance novel; we don't bathe in the sun and fuck in the sand. We're real folks, and we're not afraid to be bold about our sexual deviancy. 

Red Ferret Press has only just begun, but we're crafting new projects and ideas to really get this thing kicking. We're an after dark extension of Weasel Press, which means we really want to see some experimental sexual experiences. We ask our authors not to be afraid of putting it down; to really twist and turn into the after dark world. We want folks that aren't afraid to push limits, that really throw everything they have at the reader. We want to create a strong sensual and twisted bond. How far can you go? 

Interested in submitting work to us? Click the submission guidelines up to! It'll take you to our Submittable Page. Please note that submissions can take us about 3-6 months to review pending the amount of books we have in our queue. We only accept work through Submittable. If you send your work through email, a response will not be sent to you. We're taking a wide range of stuff, though we enjoy Poetry and Fiction the most. Send us the work you're nervous about. Get experimental with your erotica, throw in something we haven't seen in the rest of the slush that's out there. 

After submitting your work through our Submittable page, we'll take some time to review it. If selected you'll get an email with all the information. Red Ferret Press edits all manuscripts that come in, but please ensure that your project is as typo-free and grammar friendly as possible. RFP will also seek our cover art, typically through photo stock sites, we also post your book on our social media networks and seek out folks to review your book. Red Ferret Press does expect their authors to assist in the design and marketing of their books so we can get it just right. If accepted, you'll receive a contract letting you know royalty information, author copies, frequency of royalty distribution, and related items. 

Submission Calls

Red Ferret Press | redferretpress@gmail.com

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