The House of Eros by Matthew David Campbell

Sex is a very personal experience for a lot of folks in this world. It’s taboo to talk about in public. Though slowly becoming an open discussion there is still a bit of repression among us. Erotic Literature is fiction or poetry focusing on fiction and/or factual sexual experiences. In eroticism, the language draws you in and forces you to get personal with the narrator/author. Sometimes that makes some squirm, but for the most part it is an enticing experience. Welcome to erotic poetry! The House of Eros is a chapbook collection of poems by Matthew David Campbell that is simply an intoxicating and intimate experience for all readers. Campbell merges sexual expression with images of religion, the body is the altar waiting to be open by the lover. Love is its own religion, and it’s very celebrated here at the house made in its name. The poetry is primal, it’s exciting, and it’s addicting. Campbell understands how to pull his readers in and keep them there. He understands passion. Open up. Hitch a ride, and take your first bite of a collection that is sure to kick your gut and leave you crawling back for more. 

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