Knotted: A BDSM Anthology

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Also available on other sites such as FurPlanet and Rabbit Valley!

This anthology is closed indefinitely.

Pay Scale: 1/2 cent per word
Word Count: 10, 000 words max.


Publication Frequency: Closed indefinitely.

Guidelines: For our first anthology we're looking to feature some furry fiction with BDSM. Stories include other kinks such as, but not limited to: feminization, orgasm control/denial, humiliation, objectification, pony/puppy play, hypnosis, strict/heavy bondage, foot play, latex, some pain (nothing extreme, candle wax and whipping are cool. Ripping your partners eyes out with your fingers, not cool ), and much more. This anthology is also looking for more than the typical M/F bondage story. Give us some variety. That's what we like, a healthy diverse sex fest! Email us if you're unsure about your idea. 

Although we're pretty accepting of what we'll take there are things we just don't do, such as: Non-Consent (Rape, Forced, Strong Coercion), Characters under the age of 18, copyrighted characters (don't send us Mickey Mouse, that ain't cool, yo), bestiality, and heavy bathroom play (you may be able to get away with watersports, but the rest is out), Snuff. There may be other things, if you're unsure just shoot us an email with your idea and we'll let you know if it'll fly or not (please note that this doesn't mean an actual acceptance, it simply means it can be reviewed by the selection committee).

Characters must be anthropomorphic or furry. Humans are allowed, but there does need to be an anthro character. This is a furry anthology, keep that in mind when submitting. 

Reprints are accepted, however, original stories are preferred. Reprints will still be reviewed. 

Rights: Non-exclusive printing and publishing rights in perpetuity. 

Payment: 1/2 cent per word

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. It is YOUR responsibility to inform us if your story has been accepted elsewhere.

Multiple Submissions: You may submit up to 3 stories MAX. A single submittable form is fine. The form will take up to 3 files. DO NOT send multiple submission forms.

Submissions must be sent through Submittable. Do NOT email your submissions. Any submissions emailed will go unread and unanswered. If you are having technical difficulties, email us ( and we can work it out. 


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